The CoalBlue Project seeks to bring Democrats together, from the left and from the right, in support of new approaches to environmental and energy policy challenges that can otherwise divide key elements of the Democratic Party.

With that purpose in mind, CoalBlue will be sending a letter to the President in November that:

  • offers support for the President’s seeking to make the United States a global leader in the effort to address the climate challenge, but, at the same time,
  • expresses an overriding concern about the approach proposed by the EPA in its currently pending rules on CO2 emissions from new and existing power plants, and
  • provides a constructive alternative that will make the U.S. a true global leader on the climate issue, but without unduly burdening either the American economy or the American people.
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For a one-page overview of the letter (There is a Better Way), as well as additional information on the issues involved in the climate-energy debate, open the PDF documents below:


Read a message from our Chair, Former Ohio Rep. Zach Space:

Q&A: Democratic group seeks a different way forward for coal

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